Mission Statement
Manchester Community Theatre Players (MCTP) provides theatrical performance and instructional opportunities in acting, vocal performance, dance, orchestra, and technical theatre without production fees which might discourage financially challenged youth or adults, to residents of Manchester and the surrounding communities.

MCTP was originally founded in 2002 as the "Palace Second Stage Company", an off-shoot of the Palace Theatre. The company was intended to provide an opportunity for community participation (both youth and adult) at the Manchester City Library in shows that were too small to be practical in the 900 seat space of the Palace.  

The Palace Board subsequently decided to open their own youth program within the walls of the Palace Theatre in 2005.  Interest in performance opportunities and community audience participation in a non-professional theatre setting at a lower cost to audience and participants continued to grow.  At the same time, due to changes at the library, that space was no longer available.  And so, our company was re-named and moved to its current location at the Jewish Federation Theatre (now The MCTP Theatre at North End Montessori School) at 698 Beech Street. 

Our theatre space underwent extensive renovation to the stage and, in 2005, our initial production of Fiddler on the Roof was staged.  Fiddler won the New Hampshire Theatre Award for Best Actor and one of the top five companies for Best Show, Best Lighting, Best Actress and Best supporting actress.

We now have a year round theatre program which attracts both participants (actors, singers, dancers, musicians and technical personnel) and audience from the Manchester area and Southern New Hampshire.  Unique among theatre companies in our area is the absence of any cost to participants who may wish to perform as part of the company, thus removing a significant financial barrier for many young people in the community.   

MCTP has non-profit status as a 501(c)3 organization.

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MCTP Theatre
at North End Montessori School
698 Beech Street, Manchester, NH  03104
Board of Directors
Alan D. Kaplan, MD, Artistic Director
Lori Coyle, President
Tom Anastasi, PhD, Vice President
Lisa Volonte, Treasurer
Trystan Stoffel, Secretary
Steven B. Short, Company Manager
Craig Brennan
Denise Burke
Debra Garlin, DO
Cole Rushford
Margaret Windler

Advisory Board
Dave Lemay
Dan Merriman
David Penchansky, CPA

Of Counsel
Christine Windler, Esq