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Second Stage 

Jewish Federation Theatre
698 Beech Street, Manchester, NH  03104

Skimmer and Budge
A world premier new musical by Andrea Greene and Janet Sclaroff 
February 10, 12, 13 2011
JFNH Theatre

Zoomin’ through the wooded glen, on her way to “Be Somebody,” SKIMMER, a flittery, jittery dragonfly, gets stuck in a sap trap. Little does she know that this is a sticky situation that is going to change her life forever. Saved by BUDGE, a stay-in-one place kinda’ caterpillar, SKIMMER learns how to breathe her way out of trouble, and discovers how something wonderful can happen by just staying in one place.    With the support of FROG, who sees the positive in situations, BUNNY RABBIT, sweet and childlike, and PORCUPINE, whose quills keep getting in the way, we see Skimmer’s inventive ways of trying to get Budge to change, and Budge’s determination to stay right where he is. Through camaraderie, communication, music and laughter, the SKIMMER and BUDGE audience participates in many stages of change and sees this remarkable friendship’s transformation.

Budge (A Caterpillar)   
Skimmer (A Dragonfly)
Bunny Rabbit             
Baby Bunny              

Dave Ostrowski
Margaret Windler
Heather Bridges
James Bridges
Marc Michael Murai
Carter Murai
Gordon F. Goyette III

Director, Alan D. Kaplan
Musical Director, Alli Beaudry
Choreography, Arielle F. Kaplan
Stage Manager, Patrick Sawicki
Production Manager, Jackie O'Dowd