Jewish Federation Theatre
698 Beech Street, Manchester, NH  03104
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Dorothy - Alanah Tintle
Scarecrow - Dave Lemay
Tinman - Tom Anastasi
Lion - Dave Ostrowski
Glinda - Cathy McKay
Wicked Witch - Michelle Bossie
Wizard of Oz/Prof Marvel and Guard - George Piehl
Auntie Em - Stacey Moore
Uncle Henry - Charles Sherman

Munchkin Land Cast
Coroner - Amy Schunemann
Barrister - Heather Bridges
Braggart 1 - Molly Feldmann
Braggart 2 - Molly Brewer
Fiddler - Madison Ferrara
Munchkin #1 - Amanda Kimionakis
Munchkin #2 - Margaret Windler
City Father #1 - Stacey Moore
City Father #2 - Lisa Volonte
Lollipop Guild - Daniel Bertot, Collin Moore, Matthew O'Dowd
Lullaby League - Zoe Ferrara, Brooke Flanders, Mikaila Judge, Jillian Poirier, Julia Poirier, Shoshana Trudel
Munchkin Ensemble:  James Bridges, Morgan Burke, Olivia Burke,  Deena Feldmann, Eli Feldmann,  Jill Frye, Lesley Gauthier,  Matthew Lamarche, Helen Pervanas

Crow #1 - Deena Feldmann
Crow #2 - Amanda Kimionakis
Crow #3 - Margaret Windler

Tree #1 - Lesley Gauthier
Tree #2 - Helen Parvanas
Tree #3 - Lisa Volonte
Tree #4 - Jill Frye

Daniel Bertot, Molly Brewer, Heather Bridges, James Bridges, Morgan Burke, Olivia Burke, Deena Feldmann, Eli Feldmann, Molly Feldmann, Madison Ferrara, Zoe Ferrara,  Brooke Flanders, Jill Frye, Lesley Gauthier, Mikaila Judge, Amanda Kimionakis, Matthew Lamarche, Collin Moore, Stacey Moore, Matt O'Dowd,  Helen Pervanas, Jillian Poirier, Julia Poirier, Amy Schunemann, Shoshana Trudel, Lisa Volonte, Margaret Windler

Monkey Cast
Nikko- Lead Monkey - Matthew O'Dowd
Monkeys: Collin Moore, Daniel Bertot, Eli Feldmann, Julia Poirier

Heather Bridges, Jill Frye, Lesley Gauthier, Amanda Kimionakis, Stacey Moore, Dan Bertot, Collin Moore, Matt O'Dowd

Winkie Cast
Winkie General - Bill Windler
Winkies: Ken Cox, Jill Frye, Terry Frye, Lesley Gauthier, Amanda Kimionakis, Helen Pervanas, Ovid Slavin, Lisa Volonte

Daniel Bertot, Molly Brewer, Heather Bridges, Deena Feldmann, Molly Feldmann, Jill Frye, Terry Frye, Lesley Gauthier, Amanda Kimionakis, Stacey Moore, Collin Moore, Matt O'Dowd, Helen Pervanas, Amy Schunemann, Ovid Slavin, Lisa Volonte, Margaret Windler
Ozian Pole Holders: Morgan Burke, Olivia Burke, Ken Cox, Madison Ferrara, Zoe Ferrara, Bill Windler

Jitterbug Dancers
Helen Pervanas, Lisa Volonte, Margaret Windler, Heather Bridges, Amanda Kimionakis

The Wizard of Oz
October 16. 17, 23, 24, 2010
JFNH Theatre

Production Crew
Director - Alan D. Kaplan
Music Director - Amanda Munton
Choreographer - Arielle Kaplan
Stage Manager - Steve Short
Deck Manager - Patrick Sawicki
Scenic Designer - Dave Nelson
Costumer - Mary's Closet
Sound/Light - Rick Elliott
Production Manager - Jackie O'Dowd

Lonely and sad Kansas farm girl Dorothy dreams of a better place, without torment against her dog Toto from a hateful neighbor spinster, so she plans to run away. During a fierce tornado, she is struck on the head and transported to a land 'beyond the rainbow' where she meets magical characters from her Kansas life transformed within her unconscious dream state. After travels down a Yellow Brick Road to the Land of Oz, and the defeat of the Wicked Witch of the West, Dorothy and her friends are rewarded by the Wizard of Oz with their hearts' desires - and Dorothy is enabled to return home to Kansas.