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Alice in Wonderland

The Manchester Community Theatre Players (MCTP)happily announces its fall production of Alice in Wonderland The Musical.  directed by Alan D. Kaplan, musical direction by Karina Allayne and Choreography by Loren Hallett. 

The Show Dates are: 
October 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th at 7:30PM
October 21st and 28th at 2:00PM

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MCTP Theatre at The North End Montessori School
698 Beech Street
Manchester, NH 03104

Cast List: 

Alice - Rachel Bender

Rabbit - Connor Forbes

French Mouse / King of Hearts - Ryan Bender 

Duck - Kazi Fichera 

Lory - Madeline Burke 

Dodo - Sarah Grealy 

Caterpillar - Noah Payeur

Butterfly - Margaret Windler 

Duchess - Sarah Murai

Cook - Kyra Freedman 

Baby (pig) - Giada Eafrati 

Dora - Maddy Byrd 

Flora - Casey Ingraham 

Cheshire Cat - Dale Byrd

March Hare - Autumn Fichera 

Dormouse - Evelyn Lewis

Mad Hatter - Dan Arlen 

Tweedledum - Emma Guerette

Tweedledee - 

Queen of Hearts - Jen Fichera 

Knave of Hearts - Shawn O'Malley

Lady in Waiting - Heather Armhold 

Gryphon - Dorothy Parsons

Mock turtle - Lori Coyle 

Walrus - Justin Sheils 

Carpenter - Tyler Pascucci 

Pan / Card - Grace Hanna 

Moon / Kettle - Kendralynn Swann-Thayer

Door 1 (Small Door): Sally 

Door 2: Justin

Door 3: Ty 

Table: Amelia 

Woman voice: Sally

Teacher voice: Susan

Scene 1 Hedge Singers: Janine, Evelyn, Rachel G, Lori, Heather, Dorothy, Dan, Sarah I

Scene 1 Tree Chorus: Autumn, Jenn, Lisa, Susan, Rochelle

Teardrops: Ana, Amelia, Sam H, Erin

Cards: Sam H (wicket), Lisa, Sally, Rachel G, Amelia, Ana, Erin (wicket), Janine, Carter, Erica, Grace (wicket), Kendralynn (wicket), Regina, Susan, Cassie, Maddy, Kazi, Sarah, Madeline, Grace, Kendralynn, Kyra, Rochelle, Casey, Sarah I, Kelsea

Little Butterflies / Caterpillar Body: Cassie, Ashlyn, Kelsea, Abigail 

Oysters: Carter, Giada, Ashlyn, Kelsea, Abigail, Cassie